J Wolfgang Goerlich's thoughts on Information Security

Hello, there.

Welcome. I am one of those rare fellows that are lucky enough to have a career as a hobby. I work in IT, currently focusing on InfoSec. My site has a smattering of tips, techniques, and thoughts collected over the years. I hope you find it useful.


J Wolfgang Goerlich

Out and About

I will be presenting at BSides Columbus on Threat Modeling with Mark Kikta on January 20th. On February 24th, I will be in Montreal for ConFoo. My talk is on SDLC in Hostile Environments.

Playing With

SimWitty #incog. #incog, or Incognito is a C# library for demonstrating steganographic techniques and covert channels. I am also playing with the PoshSec framework and scripts, specifically for implementing the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls.