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Out and About: GrrCon

By wolfgang. 12 July 2011 14:12

I will be out at the GrrCON conference in Grand Rapids on Friday, September 16. I am giving a session in the InfoSec Management track. The topic is on business continuity planning and risk management. Sound boring? No worries. There is an amazing line up of speakers covering a wide range of topics. Hope to see you there.

How asteroids falling from the sky improves security
An asteroid fell from the sky and the data center is now a smoking crater. At least, that’s the scenario that launches your business continuity planning. BCP asks the questions: what do we have, what does it do, what is the risk and what is the value? The answers to these questions are also essential build blocks of a risk management program. This presents an opportunity for the savvy information security professional. In this session, we will look at ways to co-opt business continuity to advance an organization’s information security.


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